Chem and Lube takes pride in providing to its customers the latest in lubrication technology. We believe that in the world of advanced chemistry there are constant breakthroughs that provide benefits to industry in time, energy and most important the protection of valuable equipment.

SYNTHETICS - Although we do not believe that all lubrication should be replaced with a synthetic product, we do recognize that there are areas where synthetics make good sense. In grinding fluids, cutting fluids and compressor fluids, the advantages far outweigh the costs. Teflon grease that operates in temperatures where traditional oil products fail and a food grade oil that exceeds the performance of traditional white oils without losing the integrity of the food grade requirements.

GROUP TWO STOCK - More and more we are substituting group two stocks for traditional materials to provide greater purity, repel water, and provide longer life to your lubricant. We are presently using this material in circulating oils, gearbox lubricants and hydraulic oils where the application requires a better performance.

CALCIUM SULFONATE COMPLEXES - Presently we offer more grease selection in a calcium sulfonate then any of our competitors. We believe that this new chemistry has advanced grease technology three-fold. In steel mills, paper mills, mining and many other demanding industries, calcium sulfonate thickening systems will provide the very best in grease lubrication.