Chem and Lube's Specialty Line
Air Line Oil 100
Pneumatic Tool Lubricant
Air Line Oil 100 is formulated using special emulsifiers, adhesive agents and rust and corrosion inhibitors that will emulsify water with oil, preferentially wet metal surfaces in the presence of moisture and provide a tacky film that clings to metal surfaces resisting the washing effects of water. Air Line Oil 100 does not form the gumming, rusting and sticky emulsions that cause valves and vanes to stick and tools to wear.

High Temperature
Copper & Graphite EP Compound

Anti-Seize is manufactured using a high viscosity, hydro treated, high VI paraffin base oil thickened with an aluminum complex soap gel produced by a state-of-the-art manufacturing and homogenizing process, and is not affected by mild acid, alkali or salt environments.

Anti-Seize consists of finely-divided soft metals and solid lubricant in a chemical resistant paste that prevents metal-to-metal contact under loads up to 200,000 lbs per square inch providing superior protection to assembly of parts, bolts, screws and threads. It protects against rust and corrosion, galling, fretting, galvanic pitting and seizure.

Anti-Seize will lubricate, seal, protect, lower torque tightening and ease removal of bolts, nuts, threads, fittings and gaskets under extreme loads and temperatures. Once applied it enables total protection, even in wet and salt water environments. When disassembly is necessary, the high percentage of solid metal particles provides low breakaway torque and easy removal. It is extremely adhesive, providing even and smooth application while sealing out water and chemicals.


This is a highly concentrated acid emulsion especially developed for masonry cleaning. CE-OX contains a combination of various acids and wetting agents to facilitate the tough job of removing mortar, stains and lime deposits. CE-OX contains inhibitors to guard against harmful effects on any surfaces on which it is used. CE-OX rinses freely with water. Use CE-OX to clean floors and walls, brick, stone, block and tools used in working with concrete, mortar and plaster.


Chem and Lube's PENETRATING LUBRICANT is a USDA authorized lubricating product which is designed to quickly penetrate rust, corrosion and moisture. It lubricates, cleans and contains rust preventatives. Also, PENETRATING LUBRICANT is non-flammable and non-conductive to 30,000 volts. Its four way action cleans, lubricates, prevents rust and penetrates.

Sili Lube
SILI LUBE SILICONE SPRAY is a USDA authorized multi-purpose silicone spray. The non-flammable formula is safe to use in plant areas. This formula uses a high viscosity silicone for long lasting lubrication and protection. Sili Lube is non-conductive to 28,000 volts, and is stable at temperatures up to 400 F.

Copper 2000 Anti-Seize

Copper 2000 is a premium copper/graphite blend anti-seize specifically formulated for high applications. Copper 2000 protects parts from corrosion, rust, galling and seizing.

Nickle 2600 Anti-Seize

Nickel 2600 is a premium nickel/graphite blend specifically formulated for extreme temperatures. This anti-seize also provides excellent chemical resistance.