Chem and Lube's Rust Preventives

Chem and Lube Solvent Based
Rust Preventives

C & L 656-2 - A light duty solvent cut–back solution of proven rust inhibitors providing light duty protection of machined steel parts for 6 months when stored indoors. This meets all the requirements of Military Specification MIL-C16173, Grade 2.

C & L 608 - A medium duty, solvent cut-back rust preventive that deposits a thin, soft oily film. This product has excellent water displacing properties, enabling it to pass the humidity cabinet test (ASTM D-1748) 35 days. Although C & L 608 is primarily intended for indoor storage, it will also provide outdoor shed storage protection.

C & L 1088 - A heavy duty, solvent cut-back rust preventive suitable for protecting ferrous metals exposed to direct outdoor climatic conditions. This is a visible, hard, transparent coating which can readily be removed with solvents, vapor degreasers and hot alkaline cleaners if required.

Synthetic Emulsifiable Rust Preventative

C & L Syn Protect is a synthetic, highly buffered concentrate used to improve the rust inhibition of metalworking coolants. The product can be added right in the plant to virtually any water/oil mixture to provide interim protection from humidity and other potential rust producing conditions.