Chem and Lube's Gear Oil Line

Extreme Pressure / Multi-Purpose
Available Weights SAE: 80W/90, 85W/140

BIG 7 Multi-Purpose EP Gear Lubricant contains selected and refined base oils and modern additives with special polymers. These base oils have exceptional resistance to oxidation, are highest in natural Viscosity Index, possess tough film strength to keep metal surfaces separated and are best in inherent moisture resistance. This blend provides outstanding performance in automobiles, light and heavy-duty trucks, construction and farm equipment as well as industrial gear units.

BIG 7's extremely high quality is further enhanced by use of a sulfur/phosphorous type of additive that increases its load carrying properties to give gears additional protection. The maximum level of sulfur/phosphorous ("SP" type) EP additive provides superior anti-wear and anti-scuff lubrication even under the most severe service conditions. A powerful additive package has been included for maximum rust, corrosion and oxidation resistance. An anti-foam agent breaks entrapped air bubbles as they form, keeping operating temperatures low. With lower temperatures, less pressure buildup and control of acid formation, seals remain pliable and last longer.

BIG 7 GEAR LUBRICANT has excellent adhesive qualities which give the lubricant the ability to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces allowing it to follow the gears instantly at start-up and provide immediate protection.


Chem and Lube Gear Oils are recommended for the lubrication of spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears subject to heavy loading and shock loading. They may also be used in hypoid gears with moderate requirements. Chem and Lube Gear Oils perform well at high temperatures and in the presence of water contamination that can often affect normal operation.

Available Weights SAE: 80W/90, 85W/140

PAPER MILL GEAR BOX #7 meets the demanding requirements of all types of enclosed gears - spur, worm, hypoid and their variations. This versatile lubricant gives excellent performance in differentials, mechanical transmissions, steering gears, speed reducers, gear reducers, hypoid gears, helical gears, worm gears, spiral-bevel, final drives, industrial gears, spur gears and other types of industrial gears. Water intrusion in gear boxes is a common problem in paper mills, especially in pulper gear boxes. This results in the emulsification of oil, further resulting in reduced lubrication, poor cling ability and contamination. PAPER MILL GEAR BOX #7 will not emulsify.