Chem and Lube Grease Line

Hold Firm Open Gear Grease HOLD FIRM OPEN GEAR GREASE is a proven lubricant for fifth wheel and open gear applications. Because of its non-melt characteristics, it will withstand high-temperature operations. This product offers excellent adhesion to metal. Its tackiness additives provide the metal protection against acids, alkalies, dust and dirt. HOLD FIRM with its spatter proof characteristics, also provides outstanding water resistance, protection under acidic conditions and the ability to adhere and not be thrown off. Because of its film strength, this product will last longer and require less frequent lubrication.

Chem and Lube's Teflon
All-Temp Grease

All-Temp is a high performance synthetic grease which is a non-staining, non-toxic multi-purpose lubricant which outperforms all petroleum based greases and many synthetic greases as well. Compared to petroleum based greases which contain many impurities, ALL-TEMP is free of contaminates and is one reason why it performs significantly better at higher and lower temperatures and under more demanding conditions

AQUA 500

Chem & Lube technology has added to its product line. A grease that surpasses conventional greases in manufacturing environments where water and high humidity dominate.

An automotive and industrial grease designed for excellent shear stability, water resistance, load carrying ability, rust and oxidation resistance. AQUA 500 is free of heavy metals, heavier than water and resists burning.

With a dropping point over 550 F, a user gains great versatility and is able to use the same grease throughout the facility in most instances

1500 Paper Mill Gold

Calcium Sulfonate Complex technology has moved to the pulp and paper mill industry, developing a product that surpasses the competitive greases in the industry. Calcium Sulfonates, which have always been known for the best anti-corrosive qualities, are combined with a high viscosity base oil to produce the best in paper mill lubrication.

At the press roll, grease must withstand high E P conditions, water washout and remain mechanically stable. The table below illustrates the difference between 1500 PMG and the most common competitive product.

Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease

Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease is specially formulated from the highest quality paraffinic base oils and an inorganic base substance to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, yet will maintain good shear stability and long life. It is one of the few greases able to withstand heavy shock load and impact pressures of 55 Timken load capabilities.

Big Red Non-Melt EP Grease holds an advantage over conventional greases due to the addition of a specially formulated EP additive. It is used extensively in hot areas where conventional greases run, cake and melt. Big Red never melts. Even at temperatures over 1100 F, Big Red stays tacky and in place

BLACK MAGIC Premium Mill Grease

Chem and Lube has combined the technology of calcium sulfonate complex with an oil designed specifically for the extreme conditions found in the Hot Strip Mill.

For years, it has been known that calcium sulfonate greases have produced resistance to mechanical breakdowns, withstood extreme pressures and have possessed very good anti-wear properties and excellent resistance to corrosion.

To these excellent qualities, we have added good pump ability, great water resistance and an ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Black Magic has no heavy metal content which accounts for its extended wear capabilities and has a great appeal as an environmentally friendly product.

Black Magic offers the following:
  • Performs over a wide temperature range
  • Exhibits good shear stability
  • Possesses great water resistance properties
  • Provides protection against rust and corrosion
  • Possesses good anti-wear and load carrying abilities
  • Suitable for use in central grease systems
Black Magic calcium sulfonate complex grease is part of a new generation of lubrication grease technology. A thickener system comprising of a novel inorganic/organic complex is responsible for Black Magic's truly outstanding performance characteristics. The results of extreme bench testing and successful applications in the field indicate Black Magic has no serious shortcomings or weaknesses.

Mean Green Super Impact Grease

One of the most important features of MEAN GREEN SUPER IMPACT GREASE is its ability to lubricate under extreme pressure conditions. The proper blend of quality lubricating oils and EP additives form an impervious film of lubricant between bearing surfaces. The water resistance or ability to cling ("tack") is unequaled by other multi-purpose greases. A grease must cling to surfaces to lubricate and prevent rust and corrosion. MEAN GREEN has a natural affinity for metallic surfaces and forms a tough, durable film of lubricant that prevents metal to metal contact under severe shock loads. Because MEAN GREEN does not wash out, pound out, shear down or melt and run, it stays in place giving very long service. Less grease is used on relubrication and lube cycles can be greatly extended.

When extreme operating conditions such as heavy loads and high temperatures would cause conventional greases to fail, MEAN GREEN will provide adequate lubrication.

MEAN GREEN can be used in a wide range of applications such as vehicle drive lines, chassis points, wheel bearings (even with disc brakes) and fifth wheels. It is ideally suited for general use in industrial plants. MEAN GREEN handles the toughest jobs where heat, moisture, pounding action and shock leads render ordinary lubricants useless.

MEAN GREEN can be used not only where EP requirements are a necessity, but wherever a multi-purpose grease is needed.

Big Red Plus Non-Melt EP Grease

Big Red Plus Non-Melt EP Grease holds an advantage over conventional greases due to the addition of a specially formulated EP additive. It is used extensively in hot areas where conventional greases run, cake and melt. Big Red Plus never melts. Even at temperatures well in excess of 1100 F, Big Red Plus stays tacky and in place. Its use in the steel industry has become legendary. In blast furnaces where on tap hole drills, mud guns and other areas on the furnace floor, Big Red Plus has extended PM periods and cut lubrication time and lubrication usage by 50%. Coke oven operations have applied Big Red Plus to oven doors, slides and covers to extend PM periods and increase overall efficiency. Because of a patented combination of natural base stocks and synthetic additives, Big Red Plus has a clinging tacky substance which adheres to metal surfaces. It provides a slow but steady bleed of oil which continues to provide an even lubrication under the most demanding conditions. When extreme operating conditions such as heavy loads and high temperatures would cause conventional greases to fail, Big Red Plus will provide superior protection. Big Red Plus Non-Melt Grease is a multipurpose grease which can be used not only where EP requirements are a necessity, but wherever a multipurpose grease is needed.

C & L L-12

L-12 is a Lithium 12 Hydroxy formulated for steel mills. This grease has good water resistance; heat resistance and good wear characteristics.

L-12 has been a winning formula in steel mills for over 20 years. Using special oils and high quality base stock, Chem and Lube can bring a product of high quality and reliable performance at a reasonable price.

L-12 is a combination of a successful known formulation with the best quality ingredients and most expert blending capabilities.

1500 Gold

The technology of calcium sulfonate complex has produced another fine product designed especially for users who demand a product that can be used at higher speeds and while being able to protect at higher loads.

Chem and Lube's 1500 Gold offers the best water protection, with a 2.53% water wash out at 175 F, offering the best protection in wet conditions.

This new chemistry extends bearing life with no heavy metals, and operates at a wide temperature range with great pumpability.

1500 Gold offers the best performance in areas demanded by today's high volume, high speed equipment.