About Chem and Lube

In 1969 a small group of experienced sales people attended a demonstration of high temperature grease appropriate for industrial use. At the end of the presentation one man stayed behind to further inquire about how one would go about manufacturing and marketing the product. The information gathered would be the first steps in the creation of a company, whose main purpose was to meet the special lubrication needs of heavy industry. This grease that would not melt, but provide long lasting and reliable lubrication under the worst conditions and became this company's first product. Now Big Red has been established as the premier high temperature grease in use in steel mills, foundries, and any manufacturing where high temperatures exist.

Since that early beginning, products were developed and added to the product line on the premise that those products, like Big Red, would fill a unique roll in providing the best lubrication for the job at hand. In late 1999 Chem and Lube introduced a new mill grease, which after bench testing and field testing, is regarded as the finest product of its type; Black Magic. Now Chem and Lube has a complete line of lubricant products that can meet every industrial need.

Now, more than thirty-two years later, Chem and Lube sales people have the same goal; providing the best lubrication for the equipment and conditions that exist in your business. In addition we have grown to accept yet another challenge, the management of your lubrication needs with the goal of providing the best protection, while offering many cost saving ideas.

  • International

    Presently we are shipping Chem and Lube products to industry around the world. Accomplishing this could only be done through local business people whose knowledge and influence in their industrial community enabled them to present and sell our products to local users. As we have serviced our customers in the U.S., men and women from many areas around the world are servicing industry in their countries with the same quality products.

    We offer unique advantages to the local business- person who represents our products, which include training, sales help, technical assistance and excellent literature, which provides a guide to service. Personal visits are available if proper translating can be provided.

    We are looking for people, who care about their customer, can inventory product, and have a working relationship with heavy industry. Our primary desire is to attract men and women who want to provide the best in product and service and are looking for the future gains that come from being a reliable vender.

    Please look at our web presentation to see if the company described and the products illustrated are complimentary to your business. If so, e-mail us today to obtain our distributors booklet which will provide you with the details on being a Chem and Lube partner in success.

  • Domestic

    Recently, facing an industrial market that had grown into more diverse market areas, Chem and Lube began to explore local distribution of many of its products. At present we are working with bearing distributors and those who provide products and services to heavy industry to add to their arsenal, a top- flight industrial line.

    If you believe you fall into this category, have industrial customers and the ability to stock product, we would be happy to work with you.


Opportunities abound for the right people. With an eye toward growth we are constantly considering people from similar backgrounds who can bring an expanding horizon to our business. If you are looking for a growing family owned concern, please forward your resume to the following address.

     Chem and Lube
     1901 S. 12th St.
     Allentown Pa. 18103
     Attn: Personnel Dept

~ Presently, we are looking for experienced sales help in the South East and Mid West